Wailea People & Paws: The Family Maui pharmacy

When Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy was established, it was out of gratitude and love. We wanted to give back to the community that welcomed our family warmly when we moved here. We also wanted it to be the Maui pharmacy that the Kihei-Wailea community would go to regarding their well-being.

What makes our Maui pharmacy different?

We make compounded medications on Maui for your whole family. And that includes your pets! But what is compounding? It's the process of creating custom medication. And we make them according to your doctor's prescription.

There are plenty of reasons why you would need custom or compounded medicine. For instance, you need a lesser dosage of the drug prescribed to you. Or maybe you're allergic to one of the medicine's ingredients. A compounding pharmacy like ours can remove it so it would be safe for you. This is why making customized medicine accessible to the Kihei Wailea community is a priority for our Maui pharmacy. And, of course, that community includes our beloved furry friends who also need treatment. So we cater to the whole family, even your furbabies. 

We go beyond the bottle

Wailea People & Paws is more than just a place where we sell you medicine. We want to help you be more proactive in your wellness, and wellness goes beyond the bottle. So, apart from carrying a range of wellness products, we also want to make our pharmacy offer additional components of health. This includes providing consultation for hormone testing, diabetes education, medication therapy, and more. This would allow us to provide all-around care for our patients.

An educated and unbiased voice on health & wellness

We are a Maui pharmacy that specializes in both health and wellness. Thus, our experience and knowledge allow us to be an authority on these subjects.

We have years of pharmacy industry experience and health science. In addition, we have a vast knowledge of health and rehab in sports medicine and geriatrics. In other words, we are a trusted voice regarding health and wellness and we want to use our knowledge to bring the best options for your well-being. That means helping them decide on what products you should buy. In fact, we offer our recommendations based on the research we do instead of going with the trend.

Our services

We offer several pharmaceutical services for patients. This would help us be a one-stop-shop Maui pharmacy here in Hawaii.

Compounded prescriptions

As a Maui pharmacy specializing in compounding, we have a state-of-the-art laboratory. This allows us to make custom medication with FDA-approved ingredients. We also strictly follow the regulations set by state boards of pharmacy. So you can be assured that our products are safe and effective. 

Transferring prescriptions

Looking for a different pharmacy and transferring prescriptions can be tedious for patients. We want to help you make it easier. We can handle the transcription transfer process for you. 

Bio-identical hormone therapy

If you're looking into bio-identical hormone therapy, we can help. Dr. Briana Anton and her advanced medical training and skillset can assist with problems related to hormonal imbalance and create compounded medications to help treat them.

Veterinary compounding

Sometimes, a pet needs custom medicine for its unique condition. This is where veterinary compounding can help. We can work with your veterinarian to create custom medicine for your beloved pet.

Anti-aging treatments

Wailea People and Paws also provide an array of skin care products for our patients. From medical-grade skincare to addressing hormonal imbalances, we can help you restore your youthful vitality.

One-stop-shop Maui pharmacy

Our doors are always open for anyone who needs help with their wellness. So visit us or our website and order from our range of products for your convenience.

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