We are all unique, which means factors that affect our health will differ from person to person. And if you’ve ever noticed, some medicines may have a different effect on you when compared to someone else. That said, it only makes sense that sometimes our medication needs to be adjusted to our needs! This is where compounded medicine comes in. But what is that, and where can you find compounded prescriptions on Maui? 

Read on below to know more.

What is compounding?

Compounding is the preparation of a customized medication by a pharmacist to meet an individual patient’s needs. Only a licensed pharmacist can make compounded medicine. And to do so, they would need a compounded prescription from a doctor.

Doctors can prescribe compounded medicine for many purposes and, more often than not, they usually prescribe them for pain, hormone-related conditions, and skin problems.

A compounded prescription contains details on the ingredients and their required strengths. Your doctor may prescribe compounded medicine to you if:

  • The product you need doesn’t exist or is unavailable;
  • You need a specialized strength or dosage form that is not available;
  • You are allergic to the ingredients in medicines that are commercially available.

Who can use a compounded medicine?

Doctors can prescribe compounded medication to anyone. In addition, these types of medicines can be for all age groups, from newborns to adults. That's because, unlike readily-available drugs, compounded medicine is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, they are tailored to your exact needs.

Difference between compounded prescriptions on Maui and other medications

Firstly, they are different from a brand or generic medications because pharmaceutical companies don't make them. Meaning, they are not commercially available.

It’s also important to note that not all pharmacies can do compounds. That's because other pharmacies may not have the experience, equipment, or ingredients to do so.


    Here are some of the benefits of compounded prescriptions.

    • Changing the dosage form - if you cannot swallow a tablet or capsule, we can compound your medication. For example, we can turn it into a liquid, rectal suppository, or transdermal gel.
    • Reducing side effects through using a medication topically.
    • Eliminating unwanted additives - We can eliminate some ingredients in your medication if you cannot tolerate them due to dyes or fillers such as lactose, sugar, or alcohol.
    • Provide commercially unavailable, unformulated, or discontinued medications.
    • Flavoring a medication to make it more palatable.


    We make compounded medications from scratch by combining raw ingredients in forms such as:

    • Creams and ointments
    • Solutions, emulsions, and suspensions (can be flavored)
    • Capsules and tablets
    • Suppositories
    • Transdermal gels
    • Lip balms
    • Lollipops, lozenges
    • Dental formulations


    Custom medications can be useful in many areas, such as:

    • Dermatology
    • Pain Management
    • Pediatrics
    • Podiatry
    • Dentistry
    • Veterinary
    • Menopause (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy)
    • Andropause
    • Palliative Care
    • Sports Medicine
    • Wound Care

    Compounded Prescriptions on Maui

    If you’re looking to fill your compounded prescriptions in Maui, Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy is here to help! 

    We formulate compounds to the highest standards of practice in our state-of-the-art USP 800 and 797 cleanrooms. 

    Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Anton and get your compounded prescriptions on Maui filled by an expert!