Looking for veterinary compounding on Maui? Much like us, our pets can also have medical problems. This means that part of a veterinarian's job is to prescribe medicine for our pets. These can range from antibiotics, parasite preventatives to anti-seizure medications. All so our beloved pets can stay healthy and be in tiptop shape. 

However, giving your pet medications is not always easy. It may even be a struggle if the medicine is not in a pet-friendly flavor. It could also be that none of the available drugs are appropriate for your pet's condition. 

So what happens then? 

That's when a veterinarian may prescribe veterinary compounding. Keep reading to learn what it is and where you can find veterinary compounding on Maui.

What is veterinary compounding?

Veterinary compounding is the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a medication tailored to the animal's needs. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers compounded drugs "Extra-Label Drugs." 

These drugs can play a critical role in veterinary medicine. So it's important to note that only licensed veterinarians and pharmacists can do veterinary compounding. In addition, they are only made on a case-to-case basis and are not made in bulk.

Why do pets need compounded medicine on Maui?

As mentioned above, there are special cases where your pet on Maui may need custom medication. For instance, maybe your pet needs to take a daily pill. But they reject it when you mix it in their food. Or perhaps they need anti-seizure medicine. If the required dose is not available in tablet form, veterinary compounding can help with these situations.  

These are some of the reasons why compounding veterinary drugs on Maui are necessary:

  • Creating a medication that has been discontinued or is no longer commercially produced.
  • Mixing one or more medicines for easier administration.
  • Customizing the strength of the medicine.
  • Changing the drug's route of administration.

Forms of compounded medicines for pets

  • Transdermal gels or creams are topical treatments applied by rubbing the gel or cream onto a hairless part of the pet's body. This is usually for pets that cannot or refuse to take pills.
  • Oral capsules can contain combinations of different ingredients or a new form of discontinued medicine. We can also make it easier for the pet to swallow.
  • Flavored suspensions make the medicine more palatable for the pet. They also come in different flavors. 
  • Tablets or chews can also come in flavored forms. Some are easier to dissolve on the tongue or designed as soft chews like treats.

Veterinary compounding on Maui

We at Wailea People & Paws Pharmacy serve people and pets alike and we are also qualified to do veterinary compounding on Maui! So, whatever medication your pet may need, we can make it for you. We can prepare easy to give dosages forms by mouth and even transdermal.

Examples of flavors include chicken or fish for cats; chicken, beef, or sweet flavors for dogs; Tutti-Frutti, banana, or marshmallow flavors for birds and other pets.

We will work closely with your veterinarian to offer dosage forms that will be specific in strength and formulation to meet the unique needs of your beloved pet.

Contact us today about your pet's prescriptions.