The Benefits of a Compounding Pet Pharmacy on Maui

Discover Our Compounding Pet Pharmacy on Maui

Just like humans, pets also need medical care to stay healthy and strong. As pet-adorers ourselves, we know how incredibly important your animal is in your life, that's why we treat every pet like we would our own. At our compounding pet pharmacy on Maui, we make sure your pet gets the attention, medicine, and care they need to live a long, happy, fulfilled life. Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy is among the best pet compounding pharmacies in Maui; we love providing veterinary medications made specifically for your pets to ensure their health and wellness. There are many benefits of going to a compounding pet pharmacy on Maui.

We Create Unavailable Medications

Sometimes a medication you've used for your pet is no longer available in the market. In that unfortunate case, you need to find that unavailable medication in order to fully address your pet's specific needs. At our pet compounding pharmacy, once we locate the necessary pharmaceutical chemicals to create individual dosages, you can get a prescription for your pet for continual use. That means no more stress or worry on your pet's prolonged medical safety.

We Customize Medicine Dosages and Strengths

You will receive an array of unique services when you visit our compounding pet pharmacy on Maui. One of the best is our ability to customize the strength and dosage of your pet's needed medication. Standard available medicine does not always affect your pet in the way it's meant to (after all, a chihuahua may need a different dose than a Saint Bernard).  We make it easy to visit our pet pharmacy and request customized prescriptions for your pet's treatment to make sure they're getting the most effective treatment.

Who doesn't love a flavored treat?

Pets can be as picky as we are! We've tried hiding medicine in our pet's food or holding their mouth open while trying to explain, "this is to help you!" But let's face it, they just hate medication! A flavored treat is a perfect way to make sure your pet gets their compound medication without them having any difficulty ingesting it. With flavors like chicken, beef, banana, or even marshmallow, making sure your pet is healthy and happy has never been easier! 

We Offer Options for Compounded Medicines 

Our compounding pet pharmacy on Maui offers several compounded medicines for you and your pet. We hope to make your pet's health as easy for them (and guilt-free for you) as possible by providing a variety of options to choose from. Choose what works best for you and your pet from our options including topical treatment, palatable medicine, flavored treats, and more.

Some of the available forms that you can choose from include:

  • Transdermal gels or creams
  • Oral capsules
  • Flavored suspensions
  • Tablets or chews

We Address the Unique Needs of Pets

We believe that the most important thing a pet pharmacy should do is address your pets' unique needs. Not all pets (like not all people) are good patients, and we know the anxiety and fears pets (and their owners) can face with regards to their health. Our compounding pet pharmacy on Maui helps to address all these concerns and more, to make it is easier for you to give your energy to your pet's sustained health and happiness!

It can be a huge stressor when you don't know where to find your pet's needed medication. We at Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy aim to make your pet's health easy to maintain! We are always here to assist you with compounded medications and work closely with your veterinarian to formulate the right strength and dosage for your pet's medication. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us here.