What to Look for in a Pet Compounding Pharmacy on Maui

When you are looking for a pet compounding pharmacy in Maui, you should definitely do your research first, so you can be sure your pet is in good hands. After you verify that the pharmacy you choose is genuine and operates excellently, it is then the time that you avail of their services - such as veterinary compounding

Before we delve into the importance of choosing the best pet compounding pharmacy in Maui, here is a brief description of what such a pharmacy does.

What is a Pet Compounding Pharmacy?

A pet compounding pharmacy is a specific healthcare-related facility for pets. It offers veterinary compound medications such as antibiotics, parasite preventatives, and even anti-seizure medications, etc. that are appropriate for every pet’s particular condition. Since the created drugs are considered “Extra-Label Drugs,” only licensed professionals can do veterinary compounding in a pet compounding pharmacy.

What are the attributes of a reliable pet compounding pharmacy in Maui?

Veterinary compounding is not easy. A dedicated veterinarian must properly prescribe medications for your pet to heal. And when it comes to a reliable compounding pharmacy, you should choose a place that will give you a positive result. In that case, here are the attributes that you should look into when choosing a pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical Training

One of the things that you should look into is the knowledge, experience, skills, and expertise of a pharmacist. It would help if you noted that only a well-trained pharmacist could create the right compounding formula for the pet’s medications. Without proper training and relevant compounding qualifications, a pharmacist is not allowed to develop formulations as they can cause more harm than good to the pets.

Customized Taste or Form of Prescription

Other than the pharmaceutical training of the pharmacist in charge, you should take note of how they are able to manage their customized prescription. A good pet compounding pharmacy should be able to make specific compounding prescriptions that are according to your pet’s taste and favorite food item for easy digestion.

High-quality Ingredients

A reliable pet compounding pharmacy should be able to create pet medications that are made from high-quality ingredients, chemicals, and bases. In that case, a pharmacy should work with a reputable supplier offering the best quality active ingredients. And if in case you are in doubt, you can always ask for the information on the ingredients so you can be sure that it is with the highest quality prescriptions.

Batch Testing

To achieve safe and precise compounded prescriptions, a pet compounding pharmacy should do batch testing. Through this process, you can be sure that the medications are consistent and of high quality. In addition, batch testing can reduce errors as a series of tests and rigorous examinations are conducted.

Pet Compounding Pharmacy on Maui - wailea people and paws

Indeed, looking for a reputable and reliable pet compounding pharmacy in Maui is easy if you take note of these attributes. So if you want your pet to receive the proper care from licensed professionals, you can always rely on Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy. We offer veterinary compounding medications made especially for your pets. Contact us today!