Local Pet Pharmacy on Maui: What To Know About Pet Medication

As a pet owner, it can be worrying when our pets don’t feel well. Fortunately, pet medications are readily available at pharmacies. But you should also understand all drugs can have side effects. So make sure you consult a veterinarian before giving your dog or cat medicine. Here’s what you should know about pet medications and finding a local pet pharmacy on Maui. 

Giving medication to your pets

Like us, our pets get sick too and will need treatment. Some common medicines given to pets are pain meds, diarrhea and anti-vomiting medicine, and treatment for skin problems. There are also wellness options for your pets. These include holistic treatments, herbs, and supplements. While most of these are safe and pet-friendly, one must understand that we are different from our pets. And that each pet is different from one another. So what might be safe for us to take, for example, might not be suitable for our pets. And what may work for your dog could also be dangerous for a cat, for instance. That’s why it’s also important to note the dosages between different species and breeds. 

What you should know

The key to keeping your pet safe and healthy is to consult with an expert, in this case, the veterinarian. They would know the best treatment or medicine that your pet should take. Whether you buy your pet drugs straight from the vet, at a non-pet pharmacy, online, or over the counter, you must check and double-check. Make sure also to check for the following:

  • What is the medication for, and why is it prescribed?
  • The dosage and the frequency of giving the medication
  • The side effects and what you should do if your pet experiences them
  • Whether the medicine interacts with other drugs
  • If your pet is on other medications or supplements, is the prescribed drug safe to take along with them?
  • The method of giving the medicine
  • Proper storage 
  • What happens if you miss a dose or give too much?
  • Any follow-ups with the vet after taking the drug or a recheck exam?

Asking these questions will help ensure that your pet will get the proper medication for their conditions. It will also help you better prepare in case problems occur. Make sure you consult with your vet or your local pet pharmacy on Maui. 

Veterinary compounding

There are also cases when you cannot find the medicine you need for your pet. Or the one prescribed could trigger allergic reactions. Or the medication is available but in a form your pet can’t take. In those cases, veterinary compounding is an option.

What is compounding? It’s creating or altering a medication tailored to a patient’s needs. In the case of veterinary compounding, the pharmacist can customize it according to your pet’s needs. It’s very helpful in certain situations, such as:

  • The medicine they need is no longer available
  • Safely mixing one or more medications
  • Altering the dosage
  • Changing the form to make it easier to take

The medical needs of an animal can vary across species and breeds. The veterinarian would best know what medicines your pet requires. So if you need veterinary compounding, we at Wailea people and paws pharmacy can work with them to bring you what your pet needs. We want to help your whole family’s well-being. And that includes your beloved pets! So stop by Wailea People and paws, your local pet pharmacy on Maui. You may also visit our website here.

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