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Vibrant Companions, Digestive Greens for Dogs and Cats

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  • PURRFECT FOR YOUR 4-LEGGED FRIENDS: Digestive Greens is a health supplement for dogs & cats formulated to provide high fiber greens and grasses to support digestion and provide antioxidants. Dogs and cats naturally graze on grass or munch on houseplants (many of which are poisonous!). This instinct, in the wild, would be a means to get chlorophyll into their diet, which is incredibly beneficial for their health.
  • HEALTH YOU CAN SMELL: Fight back against the unique smell of dog breath. Digestive Greens contains a tremendous assortment of grasses and greens, such as parsley and wheatgrass, aiding digestion and providing energy, as well as fighting bad breath.
  • ALL-STAR INGREDIENTS: Digestive Greens contains parsley, alfalfa, oats, spinach, and many more nutrient rich greens which work together to keep your pets happy and healthy. These ingredients aid in digestion, energy production, and immune health.
  • YOUR PET AND CHLOROPHYLL: Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in the chloroplasts of algae and plants. It's critical for photosynthesis, but also extremely helpful for our pets. It helps aid digestion, cleanses the blood, and helps neutralize odors. We love our furry companions, but pee-yew! Sometimes they can be a little stinky.
  • FIBER AND DIGESTION: In the wild, our pets would have hunted and killed their prey. Without getting too graphic, by eating their entire hunt, they would have access to roughage and greens through the prey's digestive tract. This would help them better digest their food and when digestion is optimized, so is absorption of nutrients that they need to thrive. Digestive Greens includes fiber and antioxidants that your pet would have gotten if they still hunted for their food.