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Stream2Sea Soothing Lip Balm

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  • [ Lip Protection For All Seasons ] Our Soothing Lip Balm protects your lips for the best hydration for all seasons - the summer heat, underwater diving adventures, winter-chapped lips, and dry weather - always ready to moisturize - while keeping it eco-conscious! Get your lips feeling supple and nourished, everyday!
  • [ 100% Natural ] Formulated with eco-conscious ingredients, our reef-safe and all-natural lip balm refreshes and protects the moisture in your lips naturally with ingredients that's best for you - Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and infused with Vitamin E to provide the much needed hydration for your lips.
  • [ All Day Extra Hydration ] When applied, our soothing lip balm can last all day - a swipe of this moisturizer will leave your lips smooth and refreshed. Antioxidant-rich treatment for all lip types! Simply put on a quick swipe before you leave the house to quench your lips' thirst and prevent a cracked smile!
  • [ Nourishes and Heals ] Soothes, refreshes, and assists lip healing from damage caused by the elements. Provide moisture to your lips with our Natural Lip Balm - this creamy and long lasting balm is formulated without parabens, pthlalates, petrolatum or SLS. Lip balm that's good for your lips, body, and the planet!
  • [ Our Formula is Reef Safe ] Many chemical-based lip balms are toxic to coral reefs and fish. Our lip moisturizer is natural and eco-friendly. Tested and proven safe for humans, freshwater and saltwater marine life. Even our tubes are eco-conscious - all Stream2Sea containers are made from Sugarcane Resin. Happy seas and happy skin indeed!