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Ossur Formfit Knee ROM Brace - 12" Wrap

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  • KNEE BRACE FOR JOINT STABILITY - Designed to treat mild to moderate ACL, PCL, MCL & LCL instabilities, sprains & strains, the Ossur Formfit ROM Knee Brace (Wrap version) provides excellent stability, protection and compression to patients during injury recovery
  • CUSTOM FIT WITH RANGE OF MOTION HINGES - Malleable aluminum ROM hinges with adjustable flexion and extension stop kits provide external stabilization by giving maximum control to the patient and helping them limit range of motion as per their unique needs
  • PERFECT FOR DAILY WEAR - This knee orthosis brace features an open popliteal area that reduces material bulging & potential irritation, and the fastening straps allow easy donning and adjustments, making it suitable for everyday use
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC - The soft, stretchy fabric helps enhance comfort and continued wear by allowing any trapped heat or moisture to escape through the brace. It also maintains grip, reduces slippage, and keeps the brace in place during outdoor activities
  • UNIVERSAL BUTRESS (ONLY WITH SLEEVE VERSION) - For a superior control and customizable patellar support, a removable, universal patella (kneecap) buttress can be used. The buttress is included only with the sleeve version, and not with this ROM Wrap