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Mooncat Waterless Cat Shampoo [Easy to Use Dry Cat Shampoo]

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  • 😺 EASY TO USE - Our bottle uses a quiet, nonthreatening hand pump, unlike other shampoos that use a spray action that sends cats running for their life. Our solid easy-to-apply foam makes every wash a dream. Simply apply, massage, and dry.
  • 😸 SAFE INGREDIENTS - Designed for SAFETY and SENSITIVE SKIN cats, its mild formula has NO PARABENS, NO PEPPERMINT OIL, NO NEEM OIL and NO ALCOHOL. This means your cat’s coat and skin will remain moisturized and soft after every wash.
  • 🐈 FOR ALL CAT TYPES - Whether you've got an oily long-haired Main Coon, a dry hairless Sphynx, an aging SENIOR CAT, or cute little KITTEN, Mooncat Waterless Shampoo is suited to all cats of any age.
  • 😺 TEARLESS and MILDLY SCENTED - Our balanced formula means your cat will stay comfortable if any shampoo gets in their eyes. You and your cat will love our pleasant yet mildly scented shampoo.
  • 🐈 SUITABLE FOR KITTENS AND CATS β€” This mild shampoo is pH balanced especially for all cats and kittens. This waterless shampoo brings out hair's natural beauty and shine, leaving locks feeling refreshed and revitalized after use.