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Healthy Spirit Gel Donut Pillow | Donut Cushion for Tailbone Hemorrhoid Cushion Coccyx Sciatica Pregnancy Cushion, Black

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About this item

  • Mesh Cover
  • Imported
  • It's Got To Gel - The Gel Makes All The Difference - The object of a donut seat cushion is pressure relief. That's why the Healthy Spirit Donut Cushion contains a top layer of pressure reducing gel. Coccyx cushion. Preganacy pillow.
  • Tailbone pain relief cushion - Lower back pain, sciatica, post surgery, and pregnancy, pain can make sitting for long periods of time a nightmare. The Healthy Spirit Donut cushion features strategic cut outs to reduce pressure on the coccyx and tailbone.
  • Cool Cushion - The gel helps keep the cushion cool. Ventilated Mesh Cover offers a comfortable and cool seating surface. A non-slip bottom ensures the cushion stays firmly in place. Cover is removable and washable.
  • Portable and easy to use - Use the donut cushion in your car, office, wheelchair, home or anywhere for comfortable seating. Butt pillow after surgery.
  • The specially designed gel of the donut cushion is supported by premium medical foam, allowing for deep immersion and supreme comfort.
  • Please note that this is a firm cushion. It is designed to be firm in order to ensure the users coccyx remains "lifted" and does not have undo pressure applied to the coccyx area.