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Cleanlogic Exfoliating Soap Saver Assorted Colors

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  • Soap Saver: Slip any bar of soap inside the pouch on this exfoliator for a rich lather and polish up dry, damaged skin and deep clean pores; The exfoliator will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy
  • Benefits Of Exfoliation: Make way for a smooth, soft, and healthy skin; Regularly exfoliating can help increase circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage and promote smoother skin; For all skin types
  • How To Use: Massage your body in circular motions with this exfoliating soap pouch to remove the dry skin and dead skin cells blocking your pores; Do not be rough or press too hard as it would irritate the skin
  • Nice And Clean: The clean fiber technology on our products help prevent the spread of odor-causing substances; Cleanlogic uses a unique and exclusive blend of exfoliating materials for a long-lasting smooth, and clean feeling all over
  • A Better Clean For All: Our priority at Cleanlogic is to offer high-quality bath brushes, exfoliating towels and other sustainable bath products that help rejuvenate your skin’s glow; Our packaging has braille on it making it all inclusive