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All Terrain Tender Tape

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  • GAUZE PADS: All Terrain's latex-free, ultra-soft & comfortable Gauze Pads are flexible, breathable & absorbent; ideal for cleaning minor cuts scrapes or burns without sticking to them. Great for athletes & active families.
  • FIRST AID: Perfect for first aid & car emergency kits and for outdoor use & travel. Use for minor cuts, scrapes, scratches or burns. Gauze pads help keep clean & protect wounds.
  • AIDS THE HEALING PROCESS: Clean the area with gauze pads, apply All Terrain's Antibiotic Gel if needed to help prevent infection, then secure dressing with All Terrain's Tender Tape or Rolled Gauze.
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Started by an outdoor enthusiast, All Terrain offers a broad line of safe & effective insect repellents, sunscreens, topical first aid & itch relief products using natural ingredients
  • ALL TERRAIN: We are committed to providing safe & effective, environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free skin care protection products to help you & your family live active, healthy lives.