Where To Fill Pet Prescriptions On Maui

Finding where to fill pet prescriptions on Maui is difficult. So we created this list of places where you can do that! This will help you get an idea of where you take your soon-to-be empty pet prescriptions to make sure your furry friend gets the medicine they need. 

You love your furry friends and would do anything for them—but that can sometimes come at a cost. Visiting the veterinarian can have a hefty price tag depending on the needs of Whiskers or Spot, especially when prescription medications are needed. Finding the right place to fill your pet’s medication could be more complicated than you think.

Where to fill pet prescriptions

The American Veterinary Medical Association lists three options for filling prescriptions for animals:

1. The Vet’s Office

The medication is commonly given at the same session when your pet's veterinarian diagnoses an ailment or chronic sickness. The veterinarian's clinic is an excellent place to get the prescription if it's a medication that is solely utilized for cats or dogs. In addition, common prescriptions are typically kept on hand in offices. Moreover, your veterinarian is fully knowledgeable about pet medications. But it might not be the most affordable choice. For this convenience, your veterinarian may mark up pricing or add extra prescription costs.

2. An online pet pharmacy

You may order your pet's prescription medication online from a pet pharmacy like www.peopleandpawsrx.com and have it delivered to your door. These websites are excellent resources for finding medicines, particularly for chronic diseases, that are solely prescribed to pets (not humans). 

3. Your local pharmacy

Did you know you can get pet medications at your community pharmacy? Most of them are even the same as those prescribed for people. If a human version is available, pet medications can be filled in your neighborhood drugstore, major chains, or local pharmacy near you. Even better, you can use your coupon card to help you save money when you buy them!

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Where To Fill Pet Prescriptions On Maui?

That's our list of places to fill your pet’s prescription on Maui. But for the best service, we recommend coming to Wailea People & Paws Pharmacy.

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