The Best Compounding Pharmacy Near You on Maui

Are you wondering, "is there a compounding pharmacy near me on Maui?" Are you looking for a compounding pharmacy in Maui that offers the best customer service in addition to providing high-quality, individualized medications? To save you time searching for a referral, you can visit this Compounding Pharmacy in Maui.

Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy

Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that provides custom medication on Maui. We provide medicine for the entire family, including veterinary compounding for your pets!

For compounding, we have two state-of-the-art clean rooms to store safely hazardous compounds. We also have sterile in-house preparations for your requested prescriptions. 

Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy aims to be the primary provider of pharmaceutical services to the Kihei-Wailea community. And we want to achieve this by providing accommodating, personalized care to our customers to improve their quality of life. We also aim to empower an active presence in our customer's health and wellness goals. Through these, Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy aims to be the best compounding pharmacy in Maui.

If you’re searching in the internet for the best compounding pharmacy near me on Maui, you’ll see our name! That’s because we are your one-stop shop for healthy living. Visit us at 34 Wailea Gateway Pl Suite A103, Kihei, Hawaii, or call them at 808-879-0123 for more information.

 compounding pharmacy near me on Maui - wailea people and paws

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy is a specialized type of pharmacy. They can create special medications for you, a member of your family, or even your pet. Some humans and animals require medicines that aren't sold on the market. These drugs can’t be found at a traditional pharmacy and are not mass-produced. However, the compounding pharmacy' pharmacists will create a medication just for you. It can be the result of the patient's unique needs. Or maybe the medicine they need isn't available.

How is it different from a traditional pharmacy?

Many local pharmacies and hospital pharmacies provide compounding services. However, they frequently lack the same specialized tools or licenses as compounding pharmacies. Consequently, the medications they create are relatively simple.

A community pharmacist might, for instance, mix two or more creams to create a compounded cream. Additionally, they could mix up to three oral liquid drugs. Moreover, sterile drugs injected into a person’s vein are frequently prepared at hospital pharmacies. These kinds of medications can be made by compounding pharmacies. However, they can also create more complicated ones.

Additionally, this type of compounding service is governed only by federal laws. Compounding pharmacies are subject to different rules and licensing requirements than community or hospital pharmacies in many U.S. states.

Compounding Pharmacy Near You on Maui

The Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy, your top choice for a compounding pharmacy near me on Maui, is the best pharmacy that offers the best services you can find on the island. We are sure that our compound pharmacy will meet your needs and serve you with quality prescriptions for your family and pets.