Learn More about Pharmacy Services for Healthy Aging

Pharmacy Services for Healthy Aging: How Your Local Pharmacy Can Help

As we age, our healthcare needs change. Regular check-ups, medication management, and preventative care become increasingly important, but it can be difficult to prioritize your health when life gets busy. Luckily, Wailea People and Paws (your go-to local pharmacy), can be a valuable resource in helping you maintain your health as you age. Not only are they a one-stop-shop for all your pharmaceutical needs, but they also offer a range of products and services to help support healthy aging.

Medication Management 

As we age, we often require more medications to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Pharmacy services for healthy aging are important, however, taking multiple medications can be confusing and can increase the risk of medication errors. Luckily, Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy also offers unique services like compounding. Compounding medications means that Wailea People and Paws is able to create personalized medicine to address your individual needs; this allows medications to be customized to your specific needs and dosages, making your medications more effective and safer! Compounding medication is done by specialized pharmacists in a sterile environment, and is a perfect option for those looking for specific doses or those with allergies. 

Preventative Care Services

Pharmacy services for healthy aging includes preventative care. Preventative care is important at any age, but it's especially important as we get older. Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy can help by providing preventative care services such as immunizations, health screenings, and medication therapy management... and don't forget about immunizations! These can help protect against diseases such as the flu, pneumonia, shingles, and more. Health screenings can help identify potential health problems early, when they're easier to treat. Medication therapy management can help ensure that you're taking your medications correctly and can help identify any potential drug interactions or side effects.

Besides these services, your pharmacist at Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy can provide excellent  information and advice on healthy aging, including recommendations for diet and exercise, and tips for managing chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes (and much much more).

Access to Health Information and Resources

Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy pharmacy can also be a valuable resource for health information and resources including pharmacy services for healthy aging. The pharmacists here are always happy to answer any questions and provide information on over-the-counter medications and supplements, and can help you choose products that are safe and effective; plus, your pharmacist can provide information on how to properly dispose of unused medications, which can help prevent medication misuse and abuse.


Pharmacy services can be an important part of healthy aging. From medication management to preventative care services to access to health information and resources. Wailea People and Paws pharmacy can help you maintain your health and wellness as you age. Don't hesitate to talk to your pharmacist about how they can help you achieve your health goals. Contact Wailea People and Paws to find out more information or with any questions regarding service or products provided at your local pharmacy!