Surf's Up, Pups! Water Safety Tips for Dogs From a Pet Pharmacy “Near Me”

Wailea People and Paws: The “Pet Pharmacy Near Me” 

Whether you’re a human or just a lucky dog, no one can resist the joy of splashing in the crystal-clear Hawaiian waters. While dogs (just like us) can experience pure bliss frolicking on the beaches and exploring the shorelines, it's essential to prioritize their safety in these aquatic adventures. As the answer to the search “pet pharmacy near me” and as pet enthusiasts ourselves, we at Wailea People and Paws are dedicated to helping keep our furry companions safe and sound. So…join us as we dive into water safety tips for dogs in Hawaii, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your furry friends in the coastal wonderland!

Assess the Conditions and Choose Pet-Friendly Beaches


We’re not JUST a “pet pharmacy near me”...we’re also a human pharmacy (otherwise known as just “pharmacy”), and that means that we want your furry companion and you to live happily and healthily. That’s why our first water-safety suggestion is to always do your research! Before hitting the beach, assess the conditions and choose beaches that are known to be pet-friendly. Research the specific regulations and guidelines of each beach, as some may require leashes, have designated off-leash areas, or have restrictions during certain times of the day. Opt for beaches with calm waters and minimal hazards to ensure a safer environment for your dog's water activities.

Provide Fresh Water and Shade

While enjoying the beach, it's crucial to provide your dog with ample fresh water and shade (this is also great advice for you!). Saltwater can be dehydrating, so offer regular opportunities for your dog to drink and rinse off any salt or sand from their fur. Provide a shaded area with a portable umbrella or beach tent where your dog can take breaks and cool down. Avoid leaving your dog unattended for extended periods to ensure their well-being. If you need any pet items to help take care of your pup at the beach, visit us, your “pet pharmacy near me” on Maui. 


With proper precautions and a mindful approach, dogs can safely enjoy Hawaii's coastal paradise alongside their human companions (maybe they’ll even become the next Kelly Slater!). You can help keep your pup safe, happy, and healthy by assessing beach conditions, introducing dogs to water gradually, using a doggie life jacket, providing fresh water and shade, and being mindful of marine hazards. So, grab that frisbee, lather on some pet-friendly sunscreen, and hit the waves with your beloved pup. Surf's up, pups—enjoy the splashing adventures of Hawaii's coastal paradise! And for all your other pet-loving needs visit Wailea People and Paws, the answer to finding a “pet pharmacy near me”!