How to Stop Wrinkles (or at least slow them down)

How to Stop Wrinkles: Some Tips from the Experts

Aging is inevitable, and in our opinion there’s no use fighting it. But what we can do, is treat ourselves and our bodies well to slow down the aging process and look and feel younger and healthier longer. As a provider for anti-aging solutions on Maui, here are our tips on how to stop wrinkles and look younger in general!

When should I start learning how to stop wrinkles?

Ever heard the expression “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now”? Well the same philosophy applies to aging. Sure, it would've been great if you had skipped those keg parties in college and instead came home, chugged water and completed your 10-step skin care routine, but the second best time to start taking care of your aging concerns is right now!

Take care of your skin

Okay, this one may seem pretty obvious, skin is where wrinkles are after all. Not only does the skin show visual signs of aging, but it’s the largest organ of our body. It protects us from the elements, regulates our temperature, and provides us with sensation. It provides you with so many functions, and it deserves that kind of care and commitment in return; being mindful and kind to your skin is the number one rule in learning how to stop wrinkles. To keep your skin looking and working at its best, you should take good care of it by:

  • Wearing sunscreen and protective clothing
  • Getting it checked every year for skin cancer
  • Staying consistent in your skincare routine
  • Staying hydrated

Diet and exercise

We won’t blame you if you roll your eyes at this one. “A healthy diet and exercise, now why didn’t I think of that?” It may be a cliche, but it got to be one because it’s true. 

Having a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy level of exercise is key to healthy aging and stopping wrinkles. Ensure your diet has plenty of veggies, fruits, and low-fat or fat-free foods. You can also include lean meats and healthy fats. Stay away from processed foods, refined sugars, and keep your salt intake to a minimum. Find an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle. If you’re new to a regular exercise routine, don’t feel the need to rush into it. There is nothing wrong with building a habit slowly. We love parking at the very back of the parking lot when we don't have time to stop by the gym, or doing calf raises while we’re waiting for our morning cup of coffee (usually in our own home, but bonus points if you can get in a workout in the line for Starbucks.)

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are known to cause premature aging. They also put you at greater risk for diseases. If you want to live a healthier and longer life (and help stop wrinkles), quit smoking as soon as possible. We know this is easier said than done, but remember even small steps are steps. Aim to have one less cigarette a day, or try lowering your intake to the recommended amount (an average of one drink per day for women).

How to stop wrinkles with a professional

Although aging comes to us all, by leading a healthy and active life, we can still feel and look young. If you’ve begun the necessary steps of taking care of yourself to stop wrinkles, but are still dealing with aging, then we at Wailea People and Paws are happy to help provide safe alternatives to anti-aging procedures. Talk to us about our anti-aging treatments today!