Wondering How to Refill a Prescription at a Different Pharmacy in Maui?

How to refill a prescription at a different pharmacy in Maui: Your Complete Guide

Are you wondering how to refill a prescription at a different pharmacy in Maui? Maybe you are looking to transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy closer to where you live, or maybe to one with better hours for your schedule, or maybe you found out that Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy is a one-stop shop and it would make all of your errands a lot quicker if you transferred your prescriptions to us! Well we have good news, if you’re searching for “how to refill a prescription at a different pharmacy in Maui” then the process isn’t complicated, and we aim to make your prescription transfers simple and hassle-free. Find out more below on how to transfer prescriptions on Maui by following a few simple steps! Don’t believe us? It’s as easy as 1 (Locating and contacting your new pharmacy), 2 (Providing your insurance information), 3 (Waiting)!

Step 1

Well you’re here, so you’ve already found a new pharmacy that is reliable and convenient. Wailea People and Paws pharmacy is an excellent and reliable choice, we make transferring prescriptions easy and offer sterile compounded medication! No matter what pharmacy you are transferring your prescriptions to however, you should check their their website to obtain necessary information and see their transferring process. 

The majority of pharmacies allow their customers to transfer prescriptions. Get in touch with your new pharmacy first to inform them you want to transfer your prescription from your old pharmacy. You will also need to provide basic information to begin the transfer process.

If you’re transferring medications to Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy, you can give us a call, visit us in-person, or use our online contact form to provide more information or have any questions answered. Find our online form HERE

When you’re learning how to transfer a prescription on Maui, remember that it’s the new pharmacy that will start the transfer process. They will contact your old pharmacy so they can send the prescriptions over. 

Step 2

As we mentioned, if you're wondering how to refill a prescription at a different pharmacy in Maui, you will need to provide information to your new pharmacy. Besides giving them information about your prescriptions and the details of your old pharmacy, you will also need to provide your personal and insurance information. If they offer online transfers, you can probably send these through their website. 

 Step 3

We told you it was easy, didn’t we? The amount of time it takes to transfer a prescription fully can vary depending on how many medications need to be moved and the workload of the pharmacies. You can always contact the pharmacy to ask how long the transfer process will take, and some pharmacies will send you text alerts on your phone to inform you when your prescriptions are ready

So, if you’re wondering how to refill a prescription at a different pharmacy in Maui, then you’ve come to the right place. At Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy, we handle the transcription transfer process, so there is no headache for you. We offer commercial, sterile / nonsterile compound medication on Maui, as well as veterinary medications for your pets. Call us at 808-879-0123 for more information!