Find Pet Meds for your Dogs on Maui

Pet Meds for Your Dog on Maui: Find 'em with Us

Taking care of your best friend is no joke! That’s why, if you’re looking for pet meds for dogs and cats on Maui, we at Wailea People & Paws Pharmacy are here to help! We are a trusted pharmacy that offers veterinary medication for your furry friends right here on the island!

What is a Veterinary Pharmacy?

A veterinary pharmacy is a branch of pharmacy where pharmacists can supervise animal medicine regimens, fill prescriptions, and manufacture pharmaceuticals. Licensed pharmacists who focus on the delivery of drugs for animals work as veterinary pharmacists.

A "veterinary pharmacy specialist" can also engage in consulting, research, and education. With their expertise in drug compounding and management, pharmacists can assist veterinarians in managing the wide range of treatments they administer to animals using a wide range of products. For animal patients, compounding is frequently necessary because their dosages and pharmaceutical formulations differ from humans.

Visit our Veterinary Pharmacy

We at Wailea People & Paws Pharmacy are not only licensed to provide medications to humans, but also licensed to provide medications to your furry (or feathery, or scaly) friends! Visit us to find pet meds for dogs on Maui. We are even qualified to do veterinary compounding. That means whatever prescription your pet may need, we can make it for you. We pride ourselves on offering a range of services to make taking care of your pet easy and convenient. That not only means less stress for you, but it means more time for walks, scratches, and just plain old bonding for your pet. 

What makes our Pet Pharmacy unique

We’re Delicious: Somehow pets seem to sense when we want them to take their medication, and that’s exactly when they decide to be stubborn or wreak havoc! At Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy, we can prepare easy-to-give dosages in a variety of forms. We can even turn Fluffy’s seizure medication into a delicious treat! Examples of flavors include chicken or fish for cats. Pet meds for dogs on Maui can get flavors like chicken, beef, or other sweeter options; we also have tutti-frutti, banana, or marshmallow flavors for birds and other pets.

We Customize: Pets are like people. This means that there are special cases where your pet may need custom medication. That's why Wailea People & Paws Pharmacy offers compounded medicine for your pets. If your pet requires a specific dosage that is not readily available, we will create one for you. For example, maybe your pup needs to take medicine every day, but when you add it to their food, they reject it. Our pharmacy offers a variety of options for pet meds for dogs on Maui! We can work closely with your veterinarian to offer dosage forms that will be specific in strength and formulation to meet the unique needs of your beloved pet.

Pick the Best Veterinary Pharmacy Near You

Here at Wailea People and Paws, your pet's health is always a priority. Our pharmacy and animal clinic has provided the best, most reliable and dedicated service to the community over the years. Stop by to visit or give us a call to find out more about how we can help your pet feel and look their best! Visit Wailea People and Paws today!