Why Choose A Family-Owned Pharmacy On Maui?

Sure, you can find big chain pharmacies anywhere in Maui. However, many people still prefer buying from independent pharmacies. Read more below on the things that sets apart a family-owned pharmacy on Maui from big box stores.

Customer service

Most of us prefer going to local shops in our town because we know or are friends with the owner. That's because local businesses usually have excellent customer service compared to big chain stores. And pharmacies are no exception to that.

For instance, a family-owned Maui pharmacy is more likely to remember its patients' names. And that makes it possible for them to greet their customers more personally. That's because independent pharmacies are not bound to the same bottom lines as corporate ones. As a result, the staff has more time and energy to interact with their patients personally, resulting in outstanding customer service.


Big box pharmacies are convenient because you can find one on practically every street corner. But independent pharmacies also have options for convenience that they offer to their patrons. For example, most offer prescription pick-up and delivery options. And even if they can't be open for longer hours, they are flexible and willing to deliver medicine to their community. However, keep in mind that not all independent pharmacies offer free delivery. But many will! And you'd be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't deliver at all.  Wailea People and Paws plans to have a delivery option soon. 


Large chains have the advantage of size and scale. So, logically, this would let them offer lower prices. But you would be surprised that it's the opposite. It turns out that most big chain drugstores land on the scale with the highest prices. That is, compared to independent or family-owned pharmacies. Meaning that independent pharmacies are more able to offer lower prices than big chains. Pricing will vary, of course, from pharmacy to pharmacy. But the willingness to provide lower prices sets them apart from larger stores.


Some may think that locally owned businesses are less efficient than larger stores. But in the case of independent pharmacies, this is not true.

One Consumer Reports study tested the differences in wait times between chain and independent pharmacies. They found that the latter had significantly lower wait times than the former. Not only that, but they also provided more one-on-one consultations. And in healthcare, it cannot be understated how helpful a personal pharmacist interaction is to a patient. 

And during the height of the COVID pandemic, many independent pharmacies have stepped up and shown their efficiency. According to a study, US states that utilized independent pharmacies for vaccine distribution reported the highest number of vaccine administration. And some larger chain pharmacies in other states even transferred their doses to independent pharmacies to help administer vaccines.

Trust a family-owned pharmacy on Maui

What ultimately sets a local family-owned pharmacy on Maui apart from big ones is prioritizing the customer. We place the community first before profit. And that difference shows.

Now's the time to patronize your local family-owned pharmacy on Maui. We at Wailea people and paws pharmacy want to help you feel your best and enjoy life. We offer medicine compounding services and prescription filling. We can also accommodate your pets! Learn more by contacting us or by visiting us!

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