Where to Get Custom Sunscreen in Hawaii

Creating Your Own Sunscreen: Custom Sunscreen in Hawaii

Did you know that you can create your own custom sunscreen in Hawaii? It’s not as common-knowledge as it should be, but getting a custom sunscreen is an absolutely fantastic option for the maximum benefits. So, if you're looking for a sunscreen that meets your specific needs and preferences, consider creating your own custom sunscreen in Hawaii!

The Benefits of Custom Sunscreen in Hawaii

Custom sunscreen allows you to tailor your sunscreen to your skin type, activity level, and personal preferences. By creating a sunscreen that's specifically designed for you, you can ensure that you're getting the protection you need without any unnecessary or potentially harmful ingredients.

Additionally, custom sunscreen can be a great option for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Many store-bought sunscreens contain fragrances, preservatives, and other ingredients that can irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction. By creating your own sunscreen, you can control exactly what goes into the product and avoid any ingredients that you're sensitive to.

Compounded Sunscreen with a Prescription

Personalized custom sunscreen in Hawaii involves working with a skincare professional to create a sunscreen that's specifically tailored to your skin type and needs. The process typically involves a consultation with a skincare expert, who will assess your skin type and discuss your needs and preferences. Based on this information, they'll create a custom sunscreen formula for you. Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy is able to compound customized sunscreens with a prescription for allergies and other medical based reasons. This means that you are able to enjoy your vacation without worrying about generic brands. 

What is Compounded Sunscreen?

Compounding is the complex process and preparation of a customized medication by a pharmacist for an individual patient’s specific needs. To put it simply, a compounding pharmacy can customize your medications. We live in a world where EVERYTHING is customizable, why shouldn't your sunscreen be?

Only a licensed pharmacist with a prescription from a doctor can make compounded medicine, so compounding pharmacies must have skilled and licensed staff members to offer this service. Compounding also requires a clean environment to avoid contamination. While not all pharmacies are able to offer this kind of advanced sterilization, Wailea People and Paws Pharmacy has a state-of-the-art sterile cleanroom meaning they are able to make custom sunscreen in Hawaii. The processes for making compound medications are similar to the production of traditional medicines, and involve compounding or mixing specific ingredients to develop the needed medication. 

So, if you’re visiting (or living on) the beautiful island of Maui, consider trying a custom sunscreen in Hawaii. Climates like this mean that it is even more important to look after yourself and your skin. Custom sunscreen can be a great option for people who want to tailor their sunscreen to their specific needs and preferences. Custom sunscreen can help ensure that you're getting the protection you need without any unnecessary or potentially harmful ingredients. 

*As a side note, make sure to wear protective clothing including rash guards, hats, and sunglasses whenever possible!