How Do I Choose The Best Compounding Pharmacy Near Me?

In today’s age, we’re lucky that most ailments are treatable with medicine. But there are still special cases when the medicine available to us is not enough. And should be altered to fit our medical needs. This is where a compounding pharmacy can help. In this blog, we help you answer the question: how do I find the best compounding pharmacy near me?

What is a compounding pharmacy?

What sets a compounding pharmacy apart from regular ones is that pharmacists can make custom medicine. Custom medications are for those who can't take commercially available drugs. This could be because of diet or allergy restrictions, or the treatment needs to be in a form that is easy to intake. It's also helpful if the medication they need is no longer available. So if you're asking yourself, how do I choose the best compounding pharmacy near me? Here's what you should know.

How to choose a compounding pharmacy

Pharmaceutical training

Only licensed compounding pharmacists are allowed to do compounding. Another factor to consider is the pharmacist. It's a good idea to find out what qualifications they have. Compounding pharmacists are specially trained for this line of work. There are even many types of specializations within the field. So they must have undergone compounding training. In addition, they should be able to research and create compounding formulas. These pharmacists are the ones making your medicine, so it's a must that they are entirely qualified to do that.

Quality ingredients

Apart from having trained pharmacists, you must also take a look at the ingredients they use. A reputable compounding pharmacy should be able to source the highest quality ingredients. They work with trusted suppliers to ensure the quality and potency of their chemicals. Additionally, the pharmacy should also have a certificate of analysis or CofA for every ingredient they use in compounding.

Batch testing

Performing batch testing is a requirement when making medicines. This includes compounding medications as well. Pharmacies do this to test that the ingredients they receive from their suppliers are indeed what they promised. It's also done to ensure that the chemicals are safe and effective for compounding use. So make sure to ask if your compounding pharmacy does batch testing of their drugs.

A safe and sterile environment

A compounding pharmacy must have a sterile and safe environment where pharmacists do their work. It must be a controlled environment with the lowest possible level of pollutants. It must also have a High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter that complies with the USP 797 or 800 chapters.

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