What’s A Compound Pharmacy on Maui For?

A compound pharmacy is a specific type of pharmacy. Unlike regular pharmacies, it can make custom medications. And often, it can make from scratch, according to the prescription. We call this custom medicine as compounded medicine. Most of the time, regular pharmacies only offer pre-made medicines. But at compounding pharmacies, the pharmacists will customize a medication. It could be because of the patient's unique needs. Or maybe the medicine they need is not available.

Compound pharmacies also keep their ingredients on hand. And when someone requires a particular treatment, they make it from these ingredients. This means that compounded drugs can be exempt from FDA approval. However, they are strictly monitored and regulated under the standards set by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention and state boards of pharmacy.

Compound pharmacies are also pretty uncommon. According to the American Pharmacists Association, there are about 56,000 community pharmacies in the country. Among these, only 7500 are compounding pharmacies. So while uncommon, it's fortunate that there's a local compound pharmacy on Maui: our very own Wailea People And Paws. 

Why would you need a compound pharmacy?

Most ailments we know are treatable. And we're lucky that we can buy ready-made medicines from any retail pharmacy. Furthermore, doctors also usually prescribe their patients commercially available drugs. However, there are special cases when someone would need a custom prescription. Some of these reasons are:

  • Allergies

Some pills contain ingredients that a patient could be allergic to. These include lactose, gelatin, or dyes. So compounding can make it possible for them to take the drug without triggering allergic reactions. For instance, a pharmacist can take the active ingredient minus the fillers that cause an allergy. 

  • The medicine is for a child

Most pharmaceutical companies make  medicines for adults. Meaning that their dosages are not good for children. Plus, children usually have trouble swallowing pills. So, their medicine usually comes in liquid form. And so, compounding can be helpful. A pharmacist can even improve the flavor so the child can take it more easily. 

  • Not commercially available medicine

In rare cases, the medicine a patient needs is not manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. Meaning it's not readily available in regular pharmacies. It could be because it's been discontinued. However, the patient would still need the treatment. And so, compounding is their best option.

  • Off label medications

There are also occasions when prescribed medication is for off-label use. Off-label means it's used to treat a condition other than what it was supposed to treat. Doctors can prescribe these, but it might require some dosage adjustment. Again, a compound pharmacy can help with this.

Compound pharmacy on Maui

There are plenty of reasons why compounding drugs is beneficial for many patients. Many of them have unique medical needs. Thus, they may need custom medication adjusted for dosage, form, or to remove potential allergens. 

If you have a condition and you need to customize your medication, stop by Wailea People And Paws. We are your local compound pharmacy on Maui, ready to help you and your family's wellbeing.

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