Can I Transfer a Prescription to Another Pharmacy on Maui?

Are you asking yourself, can I transfer a prescription to another pharmacy on Maui? The short answer is yes! And the process for it isn’t too complicated either. Read on below to know more about transferring prescriptions.

1. Call your new pharmacy

Most pharmacies allow their customers to transfer prescriptions. And if you want to do that, you will have to get in touch with your new pharmacy first. You will need to inform them that you want to transfer your prescription from your old pharmacy to them. You will also need to provide them with information to begin the transfer process.

The information you will need to provide is the following:

  • Name of the medication/s
  • The strength and dosage of your medicines
  • Prescription number of each prescription
  • Address and contact number of your old pharmacy

You can call your new pharmacy or go there in-person or online if your new pharmacy offers transfer via their website or a mobile app. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s the new pharmacy that will start the transfer process. They can contact your old pharmacy so they can send the prescriptions over. 

2. Gather your health and insurance information

As we mentioned, you will need to provide information to your new pharmacy. But apart from giving them information about your prescriptions and the details of your old pharmacy, you will also need to provide your personal and insurance information. If they offer online transfers, you can send these through their website. Your new pharmacy will need to know your:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Allergies (if any)
  • Prescription insurance information (if applicable)

3. Wait for your prescription transfer

After that process, you will then have to wait that your prescription gets transferred. The amount of time it can take will depend on how many medications need to be moved and the workload of the pharmacies. To ensure you get your refills, it’s best to wait 2-3 days before picking them up. At least that way, any issues that might pop up can be resolved beforehand. But you can also ask the pharmacy how long the transfer process might take. Some pharmacies can even send you text alerts on your phone to inform you when your prescription is ready to be picked up.

Special circumstances

Generally, the transfer process is easy. However, there are situations where a transfer might not go as smoothly as usual. These special circumstances are the following.

Your prescription ran out of refills

If this happens, your new pharmacy can contact your healthcare provider to request a new prescription on your behalf. However, some pharmacies are not allowed to send refill requests if you haven’t filled a prescription with them prior. So it’s best to call your healthcare provider for refills.

Some prescriptions can only be transferred once 

Medications classified as schedule iii, iv, and v are controlled substances. And so, they can only be transferred once. After that, you will need a new prescription from your doctor to switch pharmacies again. 

Some prescriptions can’t be transferred 

You should also know that schedule ii medications cannot be transferred, nor are they eligible for refills. So if you need it, you will need a new prescription from your healthcare provider. 

So if you were wondering can I transfer a prescription to another pharmacy on Maui, the answer is yes! The transfer process is relatively simple as long as you have all the needed information. Need to transfer prescriptions on Maui? We can help you with that! Feel free to call us to know more or fill out our online form here.

Can I Transfer a Prescription to Another Pharmacy on Maui